Friday, 16 March 2012

Henry V111th's Representative on Earth resigns...

Gay marriage? Women priests? Pressure of work?

Who will replace him?

Will it be Doctor John?

Do we care?


  1. The present Archbishop of Canterbury is considerably younger than Cro. Just a thought...

  2. Maybe I should take the job. Frightening that the old buffer's off to some university. Why would they want him; silly old fool!

  3. He is actually a lovely sweet man in a thankless job. His academic and theological credentials are considered first rate. What he is not is a politician ...

  4. No I don't really care Tom, but I do admire the man in so far as he is sincere and has done his best. I hope his new job gives him a little more peaceful sleep at night.

  5. The trouble with the Anglican Church is that it is inextricably bound up with politics - thanks to 'Enery. I believe it is the Queen who has the final say in the matter, and if she wants an Archbishop who looks like a tramp, then she shall have him.

    I really think, though, that - like the presidency of America - the candidates should be born in G.B. or a province of the commonwealth. I don't know if I want a Nigerian as head of a church that I don't attend, but I would love to see Desmond Tutu take over here, so I am obviously ambivalent.

    The present Pope is a German ex Nazi Youth, so I suppose we should be just as catholic in our tastes.