Sunday, 12 February 2012

More LifeStyle!

A friend of mine came into the boozer with this very impressive handbag the other day, and I have just realised that it fulfils all Grouchy's hopes and fears when he asked me if I was about to do a post on knitting, and I answered that I could rustle him something up in chain-mail. Here it is.

This extremely lightweight bag is made entirely of the aluminium ring-pulls from drinks cans, artfully woven together by starving children.

Ok, I made the last bit up, but I bet the original models were made from recycled cans in an impoverished and far-flung country before some grasping designer pinched the idea from them and bought in thousands of unused ones for his own use, shipped them out to the original inventors and bullied them into making sleek ones like this for the Western market. That's me - I like to see the best in everyone.

Anyway, I really like it - not that I would be seen dead 'wearing' one, you understand. I looked up from taking this photo and saw that one of the girls behind the bar was wearing a chunky necklace made from ring-pulls too - very bling.

If the worst came to the worst, you could always scrap it in for cash, the way metal prices are rising these days.

A few brave but misguided USAF pilots used to go into action over Vietnam (yes, sorry - it's that war again) wearing chunky, solid gold bracelets in the belief that if they were to eject from their crashing plane over Viet Cong territory, they could bargain for their lives with them.

Well, stop me if I'm wrong, but once you have been captured anyway, how are you going to stop your enemy from just taking it off your wrist - either before or after he kills you?


  1. HARDWARE UPDATE: I've just installed the Magic Trackpad, and am now using it. It's good, once you get used to it. The danger is of sending something you didn't mean to send by touching the surface a little too hard, which acts as a 'click'. This could get me into trouble at some point, I fear.

  2. there are some good videos on making chain mail earbobs to go with that compact but adorable bag.

  3. "Get you into trouble at some point" (see your comment above) - I thought you were always in trouble somewhere.

  4. I want to fill the bag with heavy stones and use it as a weapon. But thats just me having a bad day on the farm

  5. I'd like to see her explain that handbag away to security guards in airports.

  6. I was thinking the same thing as Donna did. I didn't have a bad day, but I need to have something heavy that I can whirl around above my head when the birds of prey start circling in on me when I walk my dog. It's small enough to make a little snack for an evil-minded bird.

    1. Are you an evil-minded bird, Iris? I'm so hungry, I could eat a small dog...

      Which particular birds of prey encircle you and the mutt? Vultures? Do they know something you don't?

  7. I don't know what kind of bird of prey they are, but it has happened to me in Germany as well as in the States. I take my little fluffball for a walk and a bird of prey will find us and circle closer and closer. One time, as a last resort, I made a very unladylike screeching sound which scared the oncoming bird into landing in the closest tree instead of sinking its talons into my dog. I made my getaway like an olympic sprinter!

  8. Perhaps they know something that you don't - maybe your dog is intrinsically evil, and they are trying to rid the world of a tyrant?