Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Wake me up when it's spring


The view from the window of our compact but adorable city apartment this morning,
January 3rd, 2012.

Actually, it's worse than this because it's difficult to photograph wind. I hear it's even worse in Scotland, but there again, so is breakfast. I woke up with the good intention of going into work for the first time since Christmas this morning, but it hasn't got light yet, and I don't think it is going to at all today, so - if I don't hear from my glamorous assistant with the bad news that he is coming out with a delivery - I think I might go back to bed.

Poor old H.I. had to go to a meeting early this morning, so I can stave off feelings of guilt until this evening when she returns. In the immortal words of Tony Blair, things can only get better.

P.S. - Anyone see the latest 'Sherlock' on BBC? Good, isn't it?


  1. Hertfordshire is also being ravaged by wind and rain and the best place to be is indoors.
    Commiserations to H.I. for having to go out ..... I'm sure you have a nice dinner in mind for when she returns, including some mutant vegetable maybe ?!!.
    Sherlock is BRILLIANT. We loved the first series and I think that Benedict Cumberbatch is such a good Sherlock. I think that he would be a good Dr. Who as well. Martin Freeman is good too.
    Will email you the gory details of the snooker table later !!

  2. Unfortunately, it seems to take ages for BBC series to arrive here in Canada. We gobbled up the first 3 episodes of Sherlock last year and now sit twiddling our thumbs awaiting the new episodes. Cumberbatch and Freeman are brilliant in this rendition of Holmes and Watson.

    We had high winds yesterday and our first truly cold temperatures of the season along with a dusting of snow. But big blue skies...that's why I love Canada.

  3. JUST BLOGGED ABOUT SHERLOCK..... after a odd first few minutes... I loved the first episode!

  4. It's been raining here non stop but this morning it's nice and clear but -16C.

    I think Cumberbatch would make a brilliant Dr Who:)

  5. Loved Sherlock too -it`s the first decent thing I`ve watched all Christmas !

  6. Loved the first series. Thanks to the wonders of technology we have instructed our UK TV to record the new series for us to watch when we get back from Oz. (Our daughter has christened her new surfboard 'Watson')

  7. Grouchy is thinking of you, Sue...

  8. Happy New Year, to you and Bella, Biley. Thanks for the blanket text on the night too. See you soon, I hope.