Sunday, 8 January 2012

Personal message to Bill Gates

I've been a bit hung over all day, because of a dinner party at which my host (the mother of a young friend) waylaid me and pinned me against a wall to tell me that she found me very attractive - twice. Well, it was nice food and nice to be complimented like that, but I cannot help wondering if the drink had something to do with it. I'll have to ask her again when her hangover has worn off, then see if she can even remember saying anything of the sort, or even who I am. I wonder how I would have reacted if it was her daughter and not her who had said the same thing... Nah, best not even think about it.

I had to get up ridiculously early this morning (10.30 a.m.) to go to a 'brunch' with another woman friend and 4 of her 6 children. There was champagne on offer, but I wisely declined it, even though I think it would have sorted out my hangover within about 3 minutes.

I still managed to drive into one of the sensors on the pillar of her electric gates though - destroying it - so that I now need to arrange for the company to go round and fit a new one. That's going to be expensive.

I have just been listening to a radio program about the Bill Gates Foundation, and how many large charities will not accept some of the billions he is giving away for world wide health care. There is - apparently - a general suspicion about what would motivate the richest man in the world to give it all away, and I find this very hard to understand, since he does not seem to have any party political motives, unlike the doners to governments who think it is acceptable to part with 500,000 whatevers, simply to get some sort of title which they have hankered after since their parents were selling vegetables in Berwick Street market.

I was reminded about a lord (forgotten which one) who dressed up as a commoner in around 1900, then hung around on a London street corner handing out £5 notes to passers-by, when five pounds was the equivalent of about £1000. Only one person took up his offer all day, despite that he had hundreds of notes to give away. People were suspicious of 'crazy' behaviour, and it seems like they think Mr Gates might be a bit crazy too.

Well, if you are reading this, Bill, I wouldn't mind a contribution to the electric gate repair on my friend's house.


  1. I suppose I go along with the majority - Tom if it's too good to be true - it usually is.

  2. I think he, and his pal Warren Buffet, have realized that they have more money than either of them could spend in a dozen why not just give it away? I say Bravo to them!

  3. It is terrific that he and Melinda give away millions. I would not say he is apolitical. He leans a little to the left.

    p.s. wish you were here as we were given some free granite pieces (smallish) to fiddle with in our garden

  4. Too bad that motive has to be questioned in the face of generosity. How sad to be considered "crazy" to do it.
    And good luck with the sensor's you CAR??

  5. Bravo Bill! Mother Theresa never refused one single penny; not even from the most dubious of donors. They should follow her example.

    Do you not know that it is a mortal sin for a man to refuse a woman's advances?

  6. I liked his quote about "I didn't want to die just leaving a load of rich children behind..." I would have like to have seen the look on his kid's faces when they heard that one.

    Everyone who shows any compassion toward others always appears to lean to the left as they get older, Olive - it's an optical illusion.

    The car is fine, Donna - 1.5 ton Volvo versus small piece of plastic... I didn't even know I had touched it.

    Mother Teresa used to beat people up, Cro, despite only being 3 feet high. I have sinned a great deal in my life, in that case.