Thursday, 29 December 2011

Go, Cream-Team Bath!

Bath Spa University is famous in particular for one thing, and that is making the nocturnal lives of the city residents a misery by marauding around the streets all night, every night, in groups of about 30, pissed out of their heads and shouting as loudly as they can.

It's a shame that the cream of Bath's intelligentsia are so over-represented by these idiotic binge-drinkers, but that is the way it is I am afraid. Aside from wrapping themselves in old sheets once a year and pretending to be 'Romans' (also pissed out of their heads and shouting), this is the only noticeable effect that the university has on the town - not much else emanates from the campus, or certainly not much of an uplifting nature.

This poster of a Purcell music event by their department of music sort of sums it all up really. They make as good a job at portraying King Arthur as they do at portraying a Roman - just look at it, for God's sake.

What appears to be a student of accountancy sits atop a riding-stable hack wearing a Norman French, chain-mail hood which is not tucked into a Norman French tabard, limply raising a child's plastic sword; wearing blue denim jeans and with Doctor Marten shoes on his feet, which are tucked into the stirrups of a 2oth century saddle. I'm amazed that they haven't included a telegraph pole in the middle distance.

Do you think it is a joke which has gone over my head, or is that the best they could do for a poster? Let's hope the music's better.


  1. At twelve smackers a shot, it should be good.

    I like the way they've lined up the E's in the top right hand corner. Very 'Foundation Course'!

  2. Yes, this year I've again been hugely disappointed not to find you in Country Life - I had pinned my last hopes on the Christmas Double Issue, but no, it merely contained bishops going on about things as usual, and an antique footstool I didn't want. I've been featured twice myself: once, of course, as Deb of the Year, and once in a nice little piece on the pheasants on my gateposts. I'm two posts behind here - you must excuse me: the pressure of fame.

  3. Knits of the square table...

  4. Oh dear and I spent some time learning (music too) at Bath University!! Admittedly it was not yesterday. (or the day before).

  5. I wasn't going to mention the 'e's, Cro.

    I too have been in Country life a couple of times, Mise, but not as a treasure. You show me yours and I'll show you mine. I visited the offices in London once (south of the river, I'm afraid) and was amazed to find them wood paneled with the editor sitting at his old desk in tweeds and debs running the rest of it - what a change from the 'Interiors' office I had just left, which was like something from Ab Fab.

  6. Thank goodness it wasn't the history department putting on the show. xx