Saturday, 12 November 2011

Beckett's mouth

Billy Whitelaw - what a girl.


  1. Ahh .... Billie Whitelaw, one of my husband's favourites .... 'Not I' !!
    Hope that you are feeling better Tom....being in the 'trade', I know how people can be terrified but, in this day and age, it is pretty much painless and I'm sure your friend , the dentist, will have reassured you but, that probably doesn't help. Try to be a brave soldier and, when you are in the chair, try to let everything go and relax as much as possible ( easier said than done, I know )
    Did you watch George Harrison ' Living in the Material World' ?

  2. Yeah, do a few lines and some acid... you deserve it.

  3. Oops - sorry, I didn't consciously put up a thing about mouths because of my one right now. I just remembered seeing this film years ago, and although I am not mad keen on Bennett, I thought it was an extraordinary thing. I'd forgotten about the bit of spit half way through - I found that a bit distracting this time. No, I didn't see that, Jack.

  4. one of the more unsettling videos I have seen in ages