Sunday, 20 November 2011

2 hours to go

From this single photo...

... she created this prototype, and in a couple of hours I will pick up Mk. 2, the finished article, which she says has been improved upon and is the best she can do.

My 2/3 year search for the ideal winter hat to go with my tweed overcoat is almost over, just in time to be able to wear it right the way through the coming months until next spring, when it will be put away from the moths until next year. I'll replace this post with the final article tonight or tomorrow, depending on the lighting conditions when I get home - I would like you to see it in the best light possible.

I never thought that I would have to have it bespoke made, but having tried every outlet in Britain, and failed with two other hatters who do not seem to want the work, I am now pleased that I have gone down this route. I am already beginning to formulate an aphorism that states that all men should have at least one hat made for them in their lifetime, or some such bollocks.

I will ask her if she wants me to give her some free advertising (she operates from Taunton, Somerset), but at the same time, I am nervous that my currently unique hat will be copied by my (and Basil Rathebone's) thousands of adoring fans, so I may keep her precise whereabouts a secret until my death. I'll have to give it some thought.

In the last couple of communications, she has begun referring to the hat as 'The Rathebone', so it sounds as though it may turn into a line of men's headwear to compliment her existing range of ladies fascinators, etc.

Watch this space.


  1. I can see both John and Chris ordering the exact same hats!

  2. ... and developing a taste for early English, base metal candlesticks...

  3. Actually, I quite fancy one ( oh yes...haha)....I like a nice hat and think that 'The Rathebone' can be unisex. I hope that it's as near a match to Basil's as she could get and that you love it.

  4. yes, Cro. as stephenson "groupies me and chris will be doning our own versions of THE hat at the annual TOM STEPHENSON FAN GROUP CHRISTMAS BASH
    can't wait.... I think this year there will three of us there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh wow - You, Cro, John and Chris all wearing 'The Rathbone' - don't think I can wait either ..... Seriously Cool!

  6. What's a Rathbone? I meant Rathebone.

  7. Hope you will wear it at a suitably rakish angle.

  8. It's a pity Quentin Crisp has passed on or he could have joined in too (having already got a hat like that).

    I have a feeling he'd have fitted in very well...

  9. I'LL GIVE YOU ONE, JACK@!!!!!!!! (hahaha !!! ;) )

    Keep up Moll, there's a good girl. (All will become clear, if you trawl through later posts)

    I have been advised by the maker to wear it lower than I normally would, but she's a woman, Weaver.

    Crisp favoured purple with most things, Chris (ask John), but I do not. You are cruising for a bruising again, and I am looking forward to administering it.