Saturday, 9 July 2011

Hell, no!

I was just about to switch off the radio and go to bed tonight, when I heard on the news that the Church of England is threatening to withdraw it's investment in the disgraced newspaper, 'News of the World', unless it promises to behave itself in the future.

I did not think it could get any better, or any other upright establishment organs could possibly become involved with this appalling scandle, but to learn that the ANGLICAN CHURCH has been investing in the most disgraceful newspaper to have ever been published in Britain has come very close to shocking me.

I shall NOT be saying my prayers tonight, and if any of you were thinking about a spot of worship in your parish tomorrow, I would think twice about it until they have had a few more thoughts about cleaning up their investment portfolio in general.

I knew that the Church invested in armaments companies, but The News of the World? That's unforgivable (unless you are a Catholic).

Night night, and God bless!


  1. I am a Catholic. A poor one but none the less I feel driven to drop to my knees for you tonight.

  2. I shall divulge secrets. During my short spell on London's Stock Exchange (after leaving school), one of our major clients was The Church of England Commissioners. We were under strict instructions not to divulge their dealings, but I can say that they used to turn over about 20 million a day. They were very savvy dealers, and NOTHING was 'out of bounds'.

  3. Sick, sick, sick-making Tom. But nothing surprises me.

  4. Hello Tom:
    Now this really has gone some way towards shocking us. And we normally consider ourselves not to be shocked by anything!

    Whatever we are appalled, as must be Mr. and Mrs. Disgusted from Tunbridge Wells.

  5. A friend of mine (actually, H.I.'s ex who shall remain nameless) used to work as a fine-art printer (limited editions of etchings and lithographs) for a well-known London printmaker who shall also remain nameless ('Editions Electo').

    He assisted in running off a series of works of a highly erotic nature which was COMMISSIONED by the Vatican. The Vatican has the LARGEST collection of erotic and pornographic art in the world - and that's just but one tiny part of their vast collection of investments.