Tuesday, 12 July 2011


On a lighter note, I went to a preview of an auction today - looking for old candlesticks and glass - and although I found nothing in these categories that excited me, I did see the above for sale. I think I might buy it.

I know nothing about medieval manuscripts, so I will be breaking one of my golden rules if I do bid on it, but - how often do you find early 15th century, illuminated vellum pages for sale at a price you can afford?

This one (I am told) is Italian, and from around 1400 A.D. or a little later. I am told this by the inscription below it, in it's 1930s frame-mount. Having attended a fuck-rough Secondary Modern school, I have no Latin - let alone ancient Italian Latin written in this script.

But I like the idea of buying it, so - if I get it at the right price of around £100-£200 (if that is the right price) - I may be it's proud owner by the end of the week.

Then what do I do? I suppose sell it on at as much profit as I can realise, but in order to do this, I need your help.

Can anyone translate the general meaning of the text before the middle of the week for me? (click on image to enlarge, of course). I'll give you a little prize - honest.


  1. I hope you get it Tom. You do find the most interesting things. And good luck finding someone to translate it.xx

  2. Do you know any old priests? There is a line after that, but I won't go there.

  3. Yes Tom, no problem...

    ...it's a recipe for cherry scones. And very delicious they are too.

    That'll be £300.00 for the translation please.

  4. chris is bullsitting as per

    it is the first copy of the radio times in fact

  5. I can't quite make it out as it is in a gothic script and my computer won't enlarge it clearly. But I think it starts, "Caesar ad iam forte Brutus ad erat".

  6. You are the bullsitter, John - or you will be when Jones the Milk goes on holiday and asks you to take care of his prize testes again this summer.

    Et tu, fiche si analfabeti.

  7. "I like the idea of buying it." You are surely doomed starting off that way but I know what you mean as I buy that way often enough.

  8. It's comes from Ikeum Romanum. It's the instructions for a flat pack chariot.

  9. I do love the comments on your blog Tom - they are almost as funny as your blog itself!

  10. This is all getting a bit 'Up Pompei' - or 'Life or Bryan' (Bigus Dickus).

    I'm having second thoughts about buying it now. I might listen to the little voice of reason in my head for a change.