Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Not so compact, not so adorable

Cigarette 1

Cigarette 2

Cigarette 3

I went out tonight, just to let H.I. get away from me. Here are the phases of Bath Abbey, according to cigarette time.

Did you know that by ancient charter, the clock of the Abbey is the responsibility of the local Council, and not the Church at all?


  1. That's just so the councilors can say 'God help me if that's the time, my dinner'll be in the dog'.

  2. Hello Tom:
    But better still that the phases of the abbey are not counted by the dreaded weed!! That said, the pictures are spectacular. Did you see the lunar eclipse?

  3. Like the last shot best - it takes on a spooky atmosphere.
    Lincoln Cathedral clock used to strike the hours and the quarters throughout the night until Ray Milland slept in a nearby hotel when making one of the war films (can't remember which one , it was a long time ago). He complained and they switched the chiming off at night. Whether it is still off at night i don't know - I slept recently in that same hotel and I certainly never heard it in the night (but then I would have taken my hearing aid out!) Reading back, this is a pretty useless bit of information Tom.

  4. No, I didn't see the eclipse Hat's - I thought it was just in the south, so I didn't watch out for it. Anyway, I think it clouded right over after these pictures were taken - usual story.

    Ray Milland - the Man with the X-Ray eyes. For some reason, I couldn't stand him, and now you have told me this story, I like him even less. I like useless bits of information, Weaver. Half my brain is full of them. Keep 'em coming.

  5. P.S. These photos were taken on my phone. When I went out the last time, there was a man with an expensive camera on a tripod taking the same shot. I really wanted to see how his came out and compare results, but I was too scared of depressing him for spending £2000 more than I did.

  6. It's several hours later that I'm seeing these. Great shots. And I'm sure you made it through a whole carton of cigs by now.
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. Did you know that smoking is bad for you? I'm for real! There's like all kinds of Studies and stuff. m.

  7. It's only bad for you if you inhale, Mark - read my lips, I did NOT have sex with that woman.