Sunday, 26 June 2011

Nino Rota in the park

Every time I hear a band play in a classic bandstand like they were in this one today, I have a strong urge to try to get them to play some Nino Rota - in particular, the piece below. I wrote to the Nino Rota orchestra in Italy once (yes, it does exist) an asked if I could buy the score for it, but I got no reply. One day I'll do it.

Turn the volume up full blast for best effect.


  1. Hello Tom:
    Most certainly! A jolly tune for summery days and picnics in the park. And, perhaps the 'Godfather' score could be reserved for winter nights!

  2. The Godfather score would be good for your daughter's wedding - it would scare the hell out of the groom. I am thinking 'Amacord' for winter nights.

  3. 8 narf was probably the first really interesting Italian film I ever saw. I loved everything about it, inc' the music.

  4. I loved Fellini - as did H.I. We actually shed a tear when he kicked the bucket. I used to belong to a film club when I was about 14, and I think 'La Strada' was the first one I saw. It taught me that 'Art' films don't have to be wall to wall, humourless Swedish angst to be great. Nino Rota was a self-confessed musical plagiarist and sent people around the world, picking up melodies which he then Rota-ised to suit Fellini's flims. Fellini said that he hated music, and only whistled to himself when he was angry, but I'm not sure I believe him.