Saturday, 11 June 2011

Making a Splash!

For want of a 'Biedermeier cupboard' I am obliged to use this ingenious invention, which - I am reliably informed - is referred to as an lavatory. What will they think of next?


  1. Hello Tom:
    We imagine the 'they' is us!! We continue to find Nancy Mitford, and on this occasion we do not refer to her classic tome 'The Sun King', a guiding light in a world of slipping and very uncertain standards. We do not intend ourselves to be dragged down the 'pan'!!

    Thank you so much for the link.

  2. Sorry Hattats - I was feeling a bit mischievous when I posted this up (thanks - in part - to some rather reasonably priced, Hungarian rosè from Waitrose). If it's any consolation, I am suffering this morning for it.

    The Mitfords - what a crew! I have an elderly, upper-crust mate who taught me that any word other than 'toilet' is acceptable when referring to the smallest room in the house amongst genteel company, so I now often ask "Where is the shitter?", when I am with titled hosts in the country.

    He also me that - along with a whole host of tell-tale signs for spotting a member of the lower orders - one never says "Excuse me", or "Pleased to meet you", so in order to put my superiors at ease at the first meeting, I make a point of saying "Pleased to meet you, I'm sure. Excuse me, but where's the toilet?"

  3. Tom, I love your irreverence!

  4. It's a form of selective Tourette's Sue.