Thursday, 5 May 2011

The honeymoon's over

I have not been able to say anything about this until now, but guess where William and Kate spent the weekend after the marriage in Westminster Abbey?

Our compact but adorable city apartment - that's where!

H.I. and I were - of course - over the moon, but had to keep our big mouths shut until the helicopter took off from the rugby ground. Actually quite a few hours after it took off, so tight was the security!

The weekend was magic, what with all the to-ing and fro-ing from Waitrose, just to keep their energy levels up!

It seems like it was all a dream now, but the memory of this stressful yet fulfilling fantasy will stay with me for the rest of the month - if not longer!



  1. Hello Tom:
    How wonderful that they should have chosen your city hideaway. You must have passed every test and clearly you do not eat peas with your knife or refer to the lavatory as the toilet.

  2. ...and.....James Middleton came to trelawnyd

  3. I certainly ticked all the boxes in the shitter department, Hattats, and I flatter myself that that our humble gaff afforded them 'peas, perfect peas' during their brief sojourn under our leaky but oh-so-anonymous roof.

    Have you dubbed James, 'The Prince of Wails' after his Trelawnyd chicken experience, John?

  4. Who said you can't be in two places at the same time. They were also over here on a cheese tasting weekend!

  5. Kate was wearing that bikini around the house, too, wasn't she?

  6. I wasn't really supposed to mention this but they were actually relaxing on a remote backblocks New Zealand farmlet. They found the outdoor dunny especially novel, not to mention the rainwater tanks for the royal ablutions.

  7. Sorry Cro - that was that French lookalike couple who have been doing the rounds recently.

    Don't believe it Judith - sorry.

    Yes Iris, she was. I even walked into the bathroom (we have no lock on the door) one morning to find her standing there completely starkers. I started to mumble apologies then back out, but she placed herself between me and the door and let the towel she was holding drop to the floor. As she put her arms round my neck, I whispered (the walls are thin), "No, this cannot be, for you have only just betrothed yourself to the rightful heir to the throne", but she pressed herself against me even harder.

    Then I woke up.

  8. Have you been at the absinthe again Tom?

  9. Have you seen the pictures of Kate going shopping in Waitrose yesterday? Check them out on the net - I am serious.

  10. Oh and it was a Welsh Waitrose, John - God Save You.