Friday, 27 May 2011

Every now and then, something magical happens

Every now and then, something magical happens.

This painting was done by a student of Her Indoors, who goes by the name of 'Beaux', or Bow - we don't know how it is spelt, but I know it means 'beautiful'.

Beaux came into H.I.'s studio recently, and asked if he could see the paintings of one of her most beloved students - a woman of 85, who paints and draws like a natural.

He had a look, than asked if he could sit in for a couple of hours in H.I.'s class, and she said he could. Beaux is 19 years old.

He painted this five foot by six foot painting in TWO HOURS. Yes, two hours. He is 19 years old!

Like I said, every now and then, something magical happens, and - in this case - it was Beaux walking into H.I.'s class and asking if he could sit in for a couple of hours.

Keep an eye out for him. If he carries on, he is going to take up where Auerbach leaves off.


  1. He's good! I'd love to see that full size. I can't imagine it six by five. That's huge.

  2. He sure is gifted. No doubt! m.

  3. magical little moments are the stuff of life.........I love 'em
    they lighten your heart tom....

    ...and thats ALWAYS a good thing

  4. OK, John, just don't lighten your load on my doorstep - I have my own way of dealing with urban foxes, thank you.

  5. lol
    show a fox an antique candlestick

    he'll NEVER come back
    have a nice weekend

  6. And you, Johny boyo.

    Yes Moll - he is extremely good - the space, the form, the colour - everything.

  7. Are you sure he wasn't Frank in disguise?

  8. Lovely painting.
    Just think how good it'll look when it's finished!
    I'm still trying to get the right colour for patch no.3 in my 'Paint with Jane' book.

  9. I suppose he could be called 'Bo', as in 'Bo Diddley'.

  10. Now I am wondering if Bo Diddley was christened 'Boris'. It doesn't sound right to me.