Wednesday, 27 April 2011

500 Taliban back in action - read all about it!

"Take me with you... I can see perfectly well..."


  1. Well, much did you spend tonight!?

    I saw a bumper sticker today that said "Who would Jesus bomb?". I think they left out the word "first" with all the goings on these days. Will it ever end?

  2. Can anyone lend me sixpence for a tank-full of petrol?

  3. Oh, I've just got it Groucho. I was reasonably sober, but I do tend to post up music clips when I've either paid £92 for a round of drinks, or spent £40 on a nice plate of cat-vomit.

    Cro's the cryptic one, L & J - 6d for petrol?? You might not have heard that almost 500 Taliban suspects escaped over 12 HOURS, via a 3000 foot tunnel which was dug from the OUTSIDE-IN, in Afghanistan the other day. It has been described as a 'disaster' - something of an under-statement, I would say.

    I think they didn't take Donald Pleasance, so that he could undergo laser eye-surgery in the prison hospital ready for next time.