Thursday, 3 March 2011

Give a little whistle

In my last post, many people suggested that I put cooking implements and such like on the top of my new (old) little stove at my workshop, and Susan Heather told me about her wood-burner which always had a kettle, until her other half put a plastic, electric one on it, because he suffers (I guess from her comment) from Alzheimer's.

It's a very logical thing to do, and is the sort of thing that I have known many people do (first thing in the morning, before coffee) who are not showing any signs of that disease. As I told Susan, I poured a glass of wine into an ashtray on the kitchen table only the other week, and told my other half to take steps to safeguard her future, if I carry on with irrational acts like this - but that's easier suggested than done, eh?

Well, today I experimented with placing a water-filled kettle on the lit stove, and from the above photo, you can see how small the stove actually is - it's a small kettle.

Small it may be, but it is a design classic which would cost about £100 new, before the person who previously owned it had put it on a gas stove, and and not the AGA for which it was designed. Not quite as careless as putting an electric kettle on a wood-burner, but almost as thoughtless.

The designer (I forget who) named this kettle after a cockerel, hence the twin whistle and coxcomb handle, but it has definitely seen better days. Fine for the workshop, though.

Unfortunately, I went home before the water actually boiled, so I think this may be used for washing our hands only, as I for one cannot be bothered to wait 4 hours for a cup of tea.

I think I will revert to an electric kettle, and - God willing - I will not put it on top of the burner in a confused state, though who knows? Bless you, Susan Heather.


  1. The important thing about any kettle on any stove, is that the two meeting surfaces are absolutely FLAT. Many modern kettles are not.

    Now where did I put my peanut butter sandwich? Ah yes, it's in the bath.

  2. Yes - I think it is Alessi now you remind me. Only any good for Aga Saga people, I fear.