Thursday, 10 March 2011

Angry women

My two good friends, Robin Cross and Rosalind Miles have just published this book about women in warfare. I haven't read it yet, but I daresay I will.

H.I. and I have known Robin and his family for years, and met Rosalind recently when she and Robin were married in their home town of Faversham, Kent. This was the first time I had been there, despite having lived in Canterbury years before - what a great little town it is. Their wedding was a hoot, and made a nice change from all the funerals we had been meeting at over the previous years.

So get in touch with me, and I'll procure you a signed copy. (Hear that, Carolina?)


  1. Chris
    who hails from Broadstairs ( a stones throw from Canterbury) would love a copy!

  2. I know I've been out of England for a long time, but when was Boadicea
    renamed Boudica? And why?

  3. How's the pain in your foot?

  4. I do hope the book mentions Phoebe Hessel.

  5. I need cheques (for I don't know how much) and delivery addresses, John...

    I think it was the other way round, J. - the Romans renamed her Boadicea and now we politely refer to her by the British version.

    How's the pain in your arse, Grouch?

    Never heard of Phoebe Hessel, but I'm sure they have, Cro. I heard them promoting the book the other day, and they mention a contemporary of Boudica who I had also never heard of.