Monday, 14 February 2011

Yoga for Cats

A few weeks ago, I asked a fellow blogger if she remembered the little book, 'Yoga for Cats'. I was looking through the drawer of the plan-chest that this computor sits on (the one which has one prizes for being the most untidy in the world) and - to my delight - found it again, after years of not having seen it.

It is only about 2 inches high, but is packed full of genuine yoga positions, albeit performed by the cat above, who sometimes shows signs of extreme effort, unlike the smug, beatific and effortless expressions on the faces of the posers in other photographic books on yoga. I also like the endearing and somewhat undignified attention to anatomical detail as shown in the picture immediately above.

When the grand-children were small - about 3 or 5 years old - Her Indoors would often practice these poses with them, sitting on rugs on the living room floor and consulting the little book. It was hilarious and charming at the same time, watching the kiddies bend and stretch. You can see how well-used the book is in the top photo.

May you all receive many Valentine cards. Here's my little gift to you - click on the link for the best Rolling Stones video ever:


  1. P.S. - Isn't 'Traudl' a good name? You might like to consider it for next child?

  2. I just tried to get Freddie to do the head stand; he told me to eff-off. Where am I going wrong?

  3. the rolling stones.....

    seen today!

    dont they resemble 4 mother Thereas in mufti!

  4. He's just so dead SEXY, that Mick is.!

  5. He's just so CAMP too - that's what he is.

  6. He's CAMPY sexy.... You should have seen him last night on the Grammy's.......

  7. He's older than I am, Raz! (but a little more successful, I grant you. Maybe I should have had collagen injections on my arse too?)

  8. Tom, Tom just when I think I'm pull me back!
    Yoga Cat = Adorable!
    and that video of the Stones was THE funniest thing I have seen in a long time...thanks for bringing the fun into my you
    lay low
    You go!

  9. Let's get this straight Razmataz, it's Charlie who's sexy. And Tom, 'Traudl' is a terrible name, it reminds me of Sting's wife, her of the tantric sex, who I have now got confused with your ginger yoga cat. (I am easily confused.) Please do not consider collagen implants into your arse.

  10. Victoria - I hate these long goodbyes.

    Ok then Cher - I save the collagen for round the front then.

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