Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Spitfire in the attic

Maiden Luxe has just said goodbye for a couple of months (sob!) and put up a rather strange picture on her farewell post. It reminded me of this Haynes Manual I bought last week at the flea-market.

The British, Somerset based publishing company of Haynes used to buy every car that came onto the British market, pull it completely to pieces, then put it back together again to make their workshop manuals for the amateur owners, photographing each step of the way. Now that modern cars are almost inaccessible to anyone who is not part of the dealership, and engine systems rely more and more on computors, Haynes have begun to diversify by producing manuals like this one - for the owners of WW2, RAF, Supermarine Spitfires!

So if you have an old Spitfire rusting away in a barn somewhere, you can turn it into about £4,000,000 cash by reading this little book.


  1. Maybe they could figure out how to take lives apart and put them back together again in a way that makes more sense. There could be big bucks in that. I'd buy the manual.

  2. They do a Haynes Manual of the human body, mbj. Is that any use to you? (I sense a certain bitterness of outlook/experience from your comment...)

  3. Just one of those days I guess...once I got out in the sunshine things looked much better. Still, we could always use a manual.