Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Killer Chickens of Trelawnyd

(Sharp rap on the table, followed by the tapping of a spoon against a glass of water)

"Alright everybody - settle down, settle down. I would like to begin the meeting by welcoming our esteemed and upright member of the community - Councillor Gray. Well done, Boyo."

(Polite murmers of 'hear hear' and a half-hearted smatter of applause)

"The minutes of the last meeting will be read by the secretary, Councillor Merfynn Rees-Parry-Jones... sorry? I stand corrected - Rees-Jones-Parry."

(Minutes read in a monotonous drone)

"Right now, look you, the first item on tonight's agenda. The ever-growing chicken problem at Trelawnyd. Councillor Gray....?"

(All eyes turn to the councillor, and the room grows silent as he clears his throat...)



  1. after last year's incident following a funeral and an over friendly bantam.....this may well be closer to the truth than you may think
    well done tom. very funny!
    ps he looks like my dad!

  2. Hilarious ! wait till I tell the rest of the family !

  3. Don't live too far from Trelawnyd you know. It's not my chickens though.

  4. Tell that to the magistrates, Elizabeth.