Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Tulip engraved wine glasses.

My latest glass purchase - 2 matching, 'tulip' engraved, faceted stemmed, small funnel wine glasses on conical feet with a sharp pontil mark, dating from around 1790-1800. They arrived today.

Now I have about 12 of these type of glasses, which - considering that we never really have more than about 4 people round for dinner in one go - maybe superfluous, but these are a bit too small for ordinary wine, so I'm going to use them for pudding wine, like Muscat.

I've never paid more than £25 each for this sort of glass, and they sell in dealer's shops for about £70. I paid £29 for the pair, so I am quite pleased. They are in perfect condition.

By this time next week, I hope to have an enormous wine glass dating from around 1750 (almost 9 inches high) which I intend to use myself! We'll see. I'll show you a picture if I get it.

Sorry, I am gloating - it's an illness.


  1. Now those glasses I would like to own ! you are right though one gulp of wine and a refill is needed ! sounds like you got yourself a great bargain-gloat away !

  2. those are lovely - I really like them. I think it's nice sometimes to keep something you like rather than selling it on. Hope you manage to get the 1750 one you like too, Tom.

  3. A great price and they are beautiful.

  4. I'd gloat too. They're a beautiful set of glasses. xx

  5. I can imagine them holding a nice drop of Ice Wine Tom...they are beautiful.

  6. I have some similar
    got them free with some petrol!

  7. Do they ping????????

    you could put different levels of liquid in them and play Jingle Bells, bouncing a metal spoon off them.

  8. Me too, Moll - I'll let you know!

    I was thinking of 'Ice Wine' when I mentioned Muscat, J - the Northern Alsace French make it too (we call them Germans).

    No you didn't John. Stop fibbing.

    Yes, they ping, Grouch - maybe I'll play Jingle Bells next Christmas...
    then maybe I won't.

    And thanks to the rest of you for indulging me in my gloating.

  9. Love them. I have so far resisted the lure of wine glasses. Firstly I don't know anything about old glass and might just get done. Secondly I might not be able to stop if I start.

  10. Both of which has happened to me, Elizabeth M. and happens to everyone else for the same reasons.