Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Some people may find this post disturbing

Apparently, enterprising people have already downloaded Nigel Pargetter's scream to use as a mobile ring-tone. If you find this all too much to take, pop through the green door, and have a nice cup of tea.


  1. I wish I knew how to do the green word linky thing.

  2. Easy Cro - copy the link to where you want to go (http url), highlight the word, click on the paper-clip, paste the link in the box and whilst the word is still highlighted, choose your colour from the colour bit - all in 'edit' of course.

  3. whatever next

    Ruth Archer's "arrr noooooooooooo" as a door bell?

  4. ps
    couldnt find your blog today
    had a small panic attack and had to have a lie down in a darkened room until I found you again!

  5. 'Oooo Nooooooo' isn't it? Oh well, I 'm glad you caught up John. Did your parents move house without telling you when you went to boarding school?

  6. Went to bbc.co.uk today and listened to four episodes of The Archers, so am fully up to date. Elizabeth's and Henry are okay...Nigel's dead and I think David is headed for a nervous breakdown.
    Bloody Hell Tom...how do you, John and the rest of the British listening public stand up after a daily 15-minute dose of those sad, depressing people!
    Having said all that, my sister Lynne, listened to it right up until the time she died (even, apparently wanted the theme tune played at her funeral!!) She was a fab girl, so I'll give it another week (that's if it keeps on snowing and I can't find something better to do!) and see if anyone cheers up!
    All this jumping through green doors is making me loopy.