Friday, 12 November 2010

Sniff yourself thin?

I took this picture of a gigantic billboard advert in New York City a few years ago, to give to a friend of mine in England who was a bit too keen on cocaine for his own good. The joke was that my friend did not seem to have heard that coke ruins your appetite, and was pretty overweight through eating too much. I once saw him demolish a vast plate of lamb chops with all the trimmings at about 2.00 in the morning, following a hedonistic night out. His excuse was that if he didn't eat it, his wife would become suspicious.

I wonder if the poor people who lived behind that billboard got any money knocked off their rent for putting up with it?


  1. What WILL they come up with next! Pinch yourself taller? Noises that make teeth whiter? Why not face-slapping to improve hair-growth?

  2. if it was a matt cardle post
    I wouldnt mind too much!!
    tee hee

  3. You're getting ahead of yourself, John - how many times have you written to Mr Cardle on Facebook, Twitter, etc etc? Come on now, be honest.

  4. Judging by the hair and clothing this was around 1990. Oh how I wish stuff like this worked! I'm not overweight but I love cookies. They talk to me. "Amy, stop writing and come over here. We're chocolatey, we're soft, If you one of us fast it won't count." No, I'm working. "Please, just one. A big one. We miss you Amy." C'mon, it's only been, like, half an hour. "We're wai . . . .ting."

  5. Like Alice in Wonderland - "EAT ME" ?