Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Cher's favourite

This (bad photo of H.I.'s - you can see the string in the real thing -) painting of a man flying a kite in Cornwall, is Cher's (Share my Garden) favourite - do you know what the sneaky minx did today? She actually came into the gallery without introducing herself to me!

Well, this is the only one of the large canvases which is framed (it is three feet by five feet, excluding frame), and she is lucky - it was almost bought by someone who bought her second favourite, H.I.'s daughter in a swimsuit.

So, Cher, email me, and I can deliver it to you somewhere in the South West of England... quick, though, I am dismantling the show tomorrow.

I will deliver it free of charge (I need to get out of Bath) - Go on, you know you want it!


  1. I agree with Jac. I love the anonim.. annonym.. anonymity of blogging! Like the kite picture too.

  2. So do I (like the anonny.. anininon... ainn..). You don't really think I'm called 'Tom Stephenson', do you?

  3. Dear Hens Steptomon, exacta..noni..minxity.

  4. That's the one. Matt couldn't make it.