Friday, 1 October 2010

Dead Maids

Well, I don't know. One minute, Amy is asking to be scared by a story fitting the misty autumnal season, then the next, she is talking about love and death. Well, it's too late now. I promised a story, so a story you will get. But not tonight.

About 10 miles out of Bath toward Warminster, there is an area called DEAD MAIDS.

That's all for now. More to follow.


  1. Tom. Wkae up and finish the story.

  2. Just when you got to the good part . . . No, sorry I tricked you with the old blog bait and switch. I should have been more patient!

  3. Ok, I've wkonen up now, but I have a flea-market to visit, and some photos to take whilst the light's good (the weather was terrible yesterday. I'll see if I can get it out by tonight (the story).