Thursday, 9 September 2010

Holy Smoke...


  1. This is my last post before I go on a training course for Moslem terrorism.... er... no, I meant go on a holiday in the far west of England.

    Whilst I am away, could someone please stop this idiot from burning as many Korans as he can get his stupid hands on, before he (with the help of the media) sets fire to an already burning world?

    I believe that if you burnt the Bible in Florida, you would most probably be imprisoned - if not for breaking the law, then your own safety.

    I also believe that the Koran has nothing at all to do with the hatred that motivates the terrorists that carry out atrocities like 9/11.

    I have many Moslem friends, and they also have many Jewish friends - it has always been this way, until Britain, in the late 1940s, decided to wash their hands of the Palestinian issue by declaring Palestine to to be refuge and 'promised land' for all the surviving Jews of the Holocaust.

    Whilst this idiot is being given air-time on international media to spout his racist hatred, the nation of Turkey is deciding - through a referendum - whether or not to sell it's country to the USA, for the sake of the fabulous wealth of untapped minerals, simply because they are not being allowed to challenge the dollar by becoming full members of the EU.

    I have just heard - over my shoulder - that this 'man of God' has decided not to burn the books after all. Carry on - you can have a break whilst I have mine.

    See you in a week. XXX

  2. Wait a minute - breaking news: It seems that the Reverent Terry Jones (no relation to Monty Python) was kicked out of Koln, Germany, after he started to go ever so slightly nutty with regard to the Islam issue. His followers actually kicked him out because they were in fear for their safety, following his increasingly mad rants against Islam.

    It also seems that he has NOT brokered a deal with the local Imam (pronounced 'Oman' by the silly sod on National Radio) in NYC, whereby he will not burn the books in return for the mosque being built a little further away from Ground Zero than was originally planned.

    At the moment, it seems as though the Rev Jones has created a potato so large and so hot, that neither he nor his followers can bear to handle it. I expect that the Department for National Security are also breathing down his red neck as well, making his imaginary deals seem all the more real.

    Don't watch this space, I'm off on holiday.

  3. I was watching the news earlier on - that was scary!! Breathe out that he's seen sense at last!! Hope the sun shines for you all week! Bring us all a stick of rock back. Moll

  4. Thanks Moll. I might bring you a Gingster's pastie, except I don't think it would survive the journey - they make them in Cornwall, then Tesco take them to their South Eastern distribution centre, about 250 miles away, in a lorry, put them into a different box, then take them back to the St. Ives Tesco, about 800 yards from where they were made. If I were to bring back a pastie from Tesco, then it would add another 200 miles onto a journey which has already notched up 500. (I warned you that I went on a bit, right at the beginning).

  5. sound like you need a holiday darling.
    This is exactly the reason I don't read the newspaper (except on the weekend when everyone is happy)/watch TV/listen to the radio.
    Believe me, ignorance (in this case) IS bliss!
    Happy time in cornwall, with HI doing handstands and painting beautiful paintings and hopefully a good meal at Rick Stein's restaurant!

  6. For someone who has between just 30 and 50 followers (depending on which paper you read), he manages to both live well and cause a big stink. The man's an idiot!

    Love the guy in the clip at 3.30 with banner that reads 'FLORIDA CHURCH STOP BARKING OF YOUR POP'. I'll go along with that.

    Enjoy your pasties. Cro.

  7. Thanks! We won't be going to Rick Stein's - too far away. Also, the chippie next door is supposed to fry the same fish, just as well, but half the price. Apparently he markets his own brand of sea-salt too - now that has got to be a rip-off.

    When we get back, we are going straight to a 'Battle of Britain' air-show at Kemble - Spitfires, Hurricanes, Lancasters, etc. That might be worth a blog post. See you in a week.

  8. P.S. Sounds as though I have more followers than him, Cro - maybe I should start WW3?

  9. He's a complete ass and has done enough damage without burning a single book.

    Have a good holiday. Stay away from flame throwers and masked men.

  10. Have a great trip!

    This dude is cuckoo. He needs help.

  11. This story seemed to have dribbled to an incontinent end. Does anyone know (or care) what eventually happened?

    I don't! Has he not heard of cool-aid?