Saturday, 14 August 2010

Goodness Gracious - Great Balls of Fire!

It's that time of year again - harvest time, which means crop-circle time. Say what you like about crop-circles, but they certainly provide a bit of contention during the silly-season of news reporting.

Some farmers love 'em, some hate 'em. Some people believe it is God talking to us, some people believe it is aliens talking to us and some people seem to think that they are made by a bunch of well-oiled, artistic scallywags with garden-rollers and scaled diagrams. Reg Presley leans toward the 'alien' explanation. (Reg Presley was the lead-singer in the 60's group, 'The Trogs'). Having seen a plain, circular one in an out-of-the-way spot near bath about 35 years ago - before they were popular - I tend to think that the simple ones are real, and probably caused by peculiar weather and electrical conditions.

Sarah Toa did not seem to know what they were at all, so go here to see a few pictures, and a Dutchman's theory! I ought to add that I know that these sort of dancing, rapidly accelerating lights do really exist, because I have actually seen them in the night sky some years ago, whilst on a ferry approaching Holland at around 2.00 am in the morning.

The best thing about a post like this (for me) is that I have a vision of Cro jumping up and down with curmudgeonly anger when he sees the very words 'crop-circles' appear in print yet again...


  1. You two make me giggle. I would love to see crop circles for myself, they are a mystery to me.

  2. You're going to think I'm crazy, but oh well. One night I woke up around 3 am and saw a strange assortment of colored lights shining in through the curtains in the bedroom window. They moved all around, were very bright, and then they just pulled away and disappeared. Scared the heck out of me. I just lay there in bed thinking about it for hours unable to go back to sleep.

    Next night comes, I wake up once again at 3 am and the same lights were all over the walls, shining from a source outside. I decided to get out of bed this time, and I ran to the back door to get a look outside. There's nothing out there, however the neighbor's porch light (a security light that goes off by movement) is on. There tree tops are all sort of swinging around, but there's nothing out there in either of our yards.

    Still don't know what it was those two nights. But I do know this: I was NOT drunk, and I was NOT dreaming.

  3. Oh, I forgot to add that as I stood there looking over our two back yards, I did see a beam of light go over a treetop, just southwest of where I stood. The tree waved around with wind, and then the light was gone. I'm not making this up, and heck it could have been a police chopper searching for something, though I never heard any helicopter noises. It was all really strange and I still can't make out a good explanation. What really gets me is how I woke up at the same time both nights to experience it.

  4. I think that's called 'Peeping Toms', Amy. Next time keep a shotgun handy!

  5. What a strange phenomenon, isn't it? But kind of cool, except perhaps for the farmers whose crops are getting smooshed.

  6. The farmers whose crops are smooshed, get an entry fee on the gate, Carolina. I paid £5 to a farmer about 18 years ago in Alton Barnes. Probably covers the cost of the cereal. I then hired a light aircraft and flew over it next day - there is money to be made...

  7. I do so know what they are, Tom! Just a bit out of the loop, over here, though we did a picture of a well endowed prehistoric character in the desert that could only be viewed from the air. I think he may have been manifested from a few bull dozers and a computer program.
    I think they are beautiful. It doesn't matter how on earth (or off it) they got there.