Thursday, 29 July 2010

Joie de vivre

It's not all red wine and cheese in France. France has been struggling to contain an undercurrent of right-wing racism which has - sometimes - bordered on national extremism, even during WW2.

Not content with banning full veils for Moslem women in public, their esteemed president (above) has now turned his attention toward the Gypsy community, saying that Romany encampments are hotbeds of crime, including child-trafficking, etc. etc.

It reminds me of the old nursery rhymes - "My Mother said that I never should..."

Ok, I realise that the influx of Eastern Europeans has put a social strain on all of us, but - given the history between France and Algeria, one would have thought that setting an example for us all would have been the thing to do.

Maybe that is the whole idea?


  1. Why on EARTH Tom, would you think a POLITICIAN had the capability to do the right thing! Give your head a shake!

  2. I never said the 'right' thing, Jacqueline, I just said 'the thing'. That's why I wondered if that was the whole idea. My head had been shaken before I wrote this.

  3. The right thing was implied however Tom...headshake or not!

  4. That'll learn yer!

    How strange. I'd forgotten that Sarko was still around. Just shows the distance between Paris and La France Profonde.

    Never trust ANY politician, scout leader, catholic priest, etc etc.....

    France is a strange country politically. Half communist, half extreme right wing. Which is why they seem to ALWAYS get it wrong, and ALWAYS hate whoever's in power.

  5. I remember a (Scottish) friend who lived in France for years then came back here saying that a big difference between the two countries was how, in France, everyone would do their best to hinder a police-car on the road with flashing lights and siren, whereas in Britain, everyone quickly gets well out of their way. I think the Revolution had something to do with it.

  6. Alas, France is not the only nation suffering from xenophobia. In the US there is currently a tendency to blame all problems on "illegal" immigrants from south of the border. I feel as though the Statue of Liberty should read, "Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, so that we may use them as convenient scapegoats when the economy goes bad."