Monday, 14 June 2010

Rear Window

The view from our kitchen window (next to the adorable kitchen corner-cupboard) includes this Victorian church spire. About 20 years ago, it also included a grand vista of north-western Bath, but then Waitrose moved in.

Look at this brave fellow, who I noticed climbing up it today. Apart from deliberately upsetting the seagulls, I don't know what he was doing - probably a survey of the masonry. I've got some great pictures of comet Hale-Bopp beside this spire, and if I find them, I'll post one up.

What I do not understand is how on earth he got the top noose around the spire, unless it involved climbing up without a rope!


  1. Tom, I can't even look at men )it is always men) hanging from buildings or scaffolding........

    Blogger is behaving badly. Your post shows on the sidebar with the wrong photo and some bizarre comment about homosexual heroes, which made no sense when clicking onto the blog to a photo of a pastry.

  2. Oh - sorry about that Raz, it's my fault. I posted a short thing about how curious it was that many gay heroes also seemed to have a real blood-lust (like T.E. Lawrence), but then thought it might upset some people, so took it down. I'm not normally that sensitive... How funny you should find a puffy cake in it's place!

  3. Could he be climbing up to reach a better vantage-point from which to observe your now world-famous adorable cupboard?

  4. Aaaah! He is a far braver soul than I am. Just getting up on a kitchen stool to reach something makes me light headed. I don't know how those guys do it.
    Just discovered your blog and am really enjoying. Thanks!

  5. A base-jumper maybe?

    Over here they inbed sturdy metal hooks into the stonework which would make the climb easier. It still doesn't explain how the rope got fixed to the top, unless he lassoed it.

  6. Hello bonnie! I think (now I remember) that there are some metal brackets on the back, Cro, which previous steeple-jacks have fixed ladders to. That would explain it.

    It occurred to me last night, that I have now put pictures up from both my front and back windows. If I lived in the Gaza strip, this would be all the information that the IAF would need to send a missile through the living-room, once they had done a simple triangulation from satellite imagery. You wouldn't want me as a neighbor (you probably wouldn't here, either).

    I like your theory on the adorable cupboard, Mise.