Saturday, 19 June 2010

Everything must go?

Look what thumped onto my doormat this morning - it's the 1.5 inch thick catalogue for the forthcoming 'Attic Sale' for Athorp (pronounced 'Althropp') organised by Christie's on behalf of Earl Spencer ('Earl' is not his first name, BTW), brother to the late Princess Diana. It's amazing what you can find in your attic.

Included in this sale are sets of horse-drawn carriages, amongst the hundreds of other items. There are enough lots in this catalogue to furnish many large antique shops, and they would have to be very large to accommodate half a dozen royal carriages, but not as large as the attic of Athorp house.

That isn't the only house they have either. A few years ago, I made some huge, Portland stone, urn finials for Spencer House in London. I wonder if they will be having a car-boot sale there in the near future?

I must take a peep up in our attic. Who knows what compact but adorable curios may be gathering dust right now, as I write?


  1. My parents' last home in Shropshire was a rambling old pile, and no-one ever went up into the loft. When I eventually sold up, I really regretted not having had a look. Who knows what treasures I might have found.

    I trust you'll be going to this sale. No doubt the dealers will be out in force.

  2. I'll only be going to this sale if I am sent, Cro - there's nothing I want aside from some of the cutlery, and I have no space for a coach and four. I knew the attic of my parents last large house well, and it contained a load of gut, oiled fly-line hung up, which I wish I had salvaged. It must have cost Christie's about £10 to send me this book, but I have spent rather a lot of money with them over the last couple of years.

  3. P.S. - Most of these lots are heading for Russia, China and the USA.

  4. It sounds like the wet dream of garage sales.
    Could you just drop in, like really early in the morning and say, "hey mate, givya fifty cents for that urn? no? What about the horse drawn carriage? Coupla bucks?"
    (An Australian version of a Christies gig!)

  5. I probably COULD have done that around 6 months ago, Sarah T, but I didn't realise how strapped for cash the Spencers were.

  6. I was thinking lately of how well Mothercare is named (they sell baby and children's supplies). Perhaps this should be called Fiefcare?

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