Friday, 4 June 2010

CAKEY WAKEY!!!!!!!!!!!

About 40 years ago, Her Indoors was living in Soho, London, surrounded by sex shops and Italian cafes. She use to take her daughter - aged about 2 then - into one particular cafe called Patisserie Valerie, and the proud Italian owners of that establishment would not let the little girl leave without giving her some sort of edible gift. A chocolate Santa Claus at Christmas, etc. etc. I went there for the first time around 35 years ago, when it was run by Celeste and Maria, and I almost received the same treatment, after my toasted sandwich and cake. Celeste and Maria retired by returning to Italy a few years ago, but Valerie's still exists in Soho, along with the equally famous, Bar Italia.

Well now, Valerie's has opened a shop in Bath! This is the cake we ate tonight, and a bloody good cake it is too.

You might think that this is an advertising feature for which I am being paid, but sadly, it isn't. It is just for the pure lust and enjoyment. I could be persuaded to get paid for it though, if anyone from Valerie's is reading this. I don't mind accepting cake as a payment. Their Madeira is wonderful...


  1. is this your way of getting me to bath...? you probably don't know that I have a horrible, terrible weakness for desserts. if there was an opportunity, I would fly over just to indulge...
    have a fabulous weekend - hopefully your weather is a bit more festive than ours these days~

  2. How much cake can you send me, and how soon?

  3. Yes, this is my way of getting you to Bath, Mimi. You have a good weekend too - hot here right now, but storms ahead.

    I send you cake Mise, what do I get? It CAN be done, but I suggest you order direct from Valerie's! (it's safer, and you might actually get it soon) POA.

  4. Thanks Tom. I am at the cottage in cow country, all settled in, waiting to watch the hockey game (game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals)50 miles from anywhere that sells anything resembling a decent cake with an unstocked pantry. And.....NOW...I am craving cake. That cake.

  5. re Title. As a youth, I was holidaying on the Italian Riviera in a small town called Alassio, and plastered on every billboard, phone box, and café window, were posters advertising an upcoming 'Billy Cotton's Band Show'. I never knew that he was famous beyond the confines of the BBC Light Service!

    As for cakes; I don't eat them, I just admire!

  6. A bit like Norman Wisdom in Albania, then, Cro. Our overseas guests will not know what we are talking about.

    Sorry Raz, but - if it's any consolation - I did feel just a teeny bit ill when I had finished eating it.

  7. I've just deleted what looked like an innocent greeting from a Chinese soft-porn dealer, after I noticed that the tell-tale dotted line was a live link. I do wish they would just fuck off and leave us alone.

  8. Good advice, Victoria, which I took last night when I walked past Valerie's and found they had left the door open. I managed to buy 2 of the best almond croissants in the area.