Monday, 21 June 2010

Bedlingtons are Best

There is a great exhibition running in Bath right now, and it is of some of the best known work of Craigie Aitchison, featured above with one of his beloved Bedlington dogs.

The show is at 16 Lansdown Crescent, and is organised by the University of Bath, who made Craigie an honorary fellow a few years ago. The painting above is there (it is big), as well as some of his most loved pictures, including the painting from which the title of this post comes from, immortalised by thousands of printed T shirts in the 60s-70s.

Her Indoors's sister lives in a terraced house in central Sheffield, and right next door to a top Bedlington breeder, who also grooms and shampoos them to order. She exhibits at Crufts most years.

She received a call one day from someone who wanted their terrier groomed, and he made an appointment. When the man arrived with his dog, she thought that he 'looked like a tramp', but she groomed the dog, and the man came back on a regular basis, sometimes traveling all the way from London. He was Craigie Aitchison.

Craigie died fairly recently, whilst sitting in his studio, waiting for his model to turn up. I never met him, but - like Her Indoors - I love his pictures.


  1. Funny little dogs these Bedlingtons...look a bit like sheep! I think I would have like Craigie though.

  2. CA was one of those painters who's always been quietly around. I always liked his strange muted crucifixion pix. I didn't know he'd just died; nor had I thought he was still alive.

    I see you're still having probs with the blog list. Go back to where you found 'My Blog List', and tick all the boxes. It should work.

  3. Yes, they look like a cross between sheep and dogs don't they, Jacqueline?

    The crucifixion pics are there, Cro. I just haven't been bothered to sort out the blog list thing, but I will do soon. I like the idea of showing everyone else's pictures on the front page - it sort of brightens things up, as well as making things easier to look at them.