Saturday, 10 April 2010

Unconditional Love - cute baby

That is all that really matters - unconditional love.

I wish I had been as forgiving to others as others have been to me, but there is nothing I can do about the past, besides understanding it.

So, when you begin to wilt with age, lust beyond your capabilities, think about leaving your spouse of many years standing and become jealous of your teenage children's or grandchildren's friends, just remember the things that really matter - the things which helped you to become what you are now.

Ok, I'll come clean. This post was a little trap that I laid last night, but nobody seems to be falling into it. The photograph of the baby above used to be carried around by an elderly woman in the late 1940's (I cannot remember who), and she would occasionally bring it out of her purse and show it to strangers on trains, etc. Invariably, the stranger would comment on how charming the child was, and enquire if it was on of hers. After a while, she would tell them the truth:

"It is Adolph Hitler".

Clever woman.

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