Sunday, 25 April 2010

The other two...

Here are the other two (see previous post). Luckily, I did not take these off the wall, so I was just up some staging for a few weeks, and driving 80 miles a day instead. The oval one is by our old friend, Mr Pearce, but the top one is a lot earlier, and commemorates Richard Littleton, who was vicar at the church for 58 years, until he died in 1713, aged 79! What a career! That one is my favourite.


  1. These are fabulous memorials. The modern equivilant is such shit. The bottom one I'd buy any day; of course, not for use in a church.

    Without before & afters, we can't see your work, but they are both really beautiful.

    I'm posting 'a glass' tomorrow. I'd like your opinion. It's nothing special, I'd just like a date?

  2. There wasn't as much to do on these, Cro - some roses missing, some stone missing, some re-polishing and the letters re-painting on both. Still a big difference in appearance, but not so obvious if you hadn't seen them before. Still about 3 weeks work, though.

    I'll do my best with dating your glass - to within 10 years, usually (unless it's French).

  3. That is just amazing. I am in awe.

  4. That's good Amy - I rely on the awe of my customers in order to charge high prices. Keep it up!