Thursday, 22 April 2010


Our hopes must be boosted by the remarkable achievements of 'seniors' who have found the courage to take on challenges in life that would make many of us wither.

Harold Schlumberg is such a person:

"I've often been asked, 'What do you do now that you're retired?'
Well ... I'm fortunate to have a chemical engineering background
and one of the things I enjoy most is turning beer, wine, scotch,
vodka and margaritas into urine."


  1. A bit like allowing some of the finest chefs of Europe to sculpt my body into the magnificent work I'm privileged to survey each morning.

    Give Harold a gong!

  2. How fantastic, I hope to live to a ripe old age so this can be my main past time, alongside eating of course..

  3. We won't going into the chemical conversion of solids - there's enough of that about already.

  4. Oh the wonders of bodily functions.