Thursday, 18 March 2010

Life is too long for FACEBOOK

My 36 year old daughter asked me to join Facebook last year, so that she could 'send me photos and talk to me'. I asked what was wrong with emails for that purpose, but I didn't get a reasonable reply, so I joined.

2 days later, I had a request from an Australian man with the same name as me, who said he was a Mormon. His avatar showed him wearing a gimp mask. I accepted him as a friend.

When I asked him about Mormonism, he said that he was only joking, and of course he was not a Mormon. I said that he was a moron, and wiped him off my friends list, leaving me with only my daughter as a 'friend'. Days went by, and I received no pictures from my Scottish daughter, so I scrapped the whole fucking thing (if - indeed - it IS possible to scrap it).

My young musician friend asked me to send him a video about 2 weeks ago, so I got his email address and sent it that night. I saw him tonight, and he asked if I had sent the video, and I said that I had sent it 2 weeks ago, along with some other stuff. He said that he really MUST get around to looking at his emails....



  1. And have you seen LinkedIn? If Facebook is the online watercooler, LinkedIn is the online golf club. And I don't mean that in a good way.

  2. OMG- I love it!! That just made me feel all glowy inside.

  3. I too am on FB. I have no idea who opened it up for me. I've been trying to find a way to close the bloody thing down, but believe this is a very long and complicated process. A friend said just to delete all info' and leave it. Frankly, I'd rather light a fuse.

  4. p.s. Simone had to be given smelling salts.

  5. I'm glad you're all glowy, Amy, and I'm sorry about the smelling salts, Simone. Sometimes I display a mild form of Tourette's.

    It occurred to me that - when I was young, I didn't go out to pubs etc. in groups of 30+ like they seem to these days, and I think Facebook is a sort of extension of that. It is no longer enough to communicate with two or three people at a time, it has to be everyone you have ever met, and as much of the English speaking world that you haven't, as are willing to sign up and watch you expose yourself.

    Even this Google blog tells me sadly that I have 'One Friend'. Do I need to get more? Are you not my friends?

  6. Oh I so agree with you..I take it you are not a fan of Chat Roulette either? It's the new facebook, just a bit seedier and faster with a 90% chance of getting flashed by some ugly bloke from Romania..

  7. Yeah, finally someone has said what I feel. I hate facebook too. I don't feel the need to have 100's of friends 'simply because it makes me feel more important or popular'.

  8. You have hit the nail Heather. Facebook is an extremely useful advertising tool, if you are trying to sell something. The market has turned the concept of 'friends' into 'customers'.

    Personally, I have never been able to afford new friends, so I just make do with the old ones, who I am very grateful for. They never wear out, unless I have an attack of Tourette's syndrome, but even then, the good ones stay - simply because I have nothing to sell them.

  9. I caved to peer pressure (from my co-workers) and joined Facebook. At first it was shiney and new and a lot of fun. Then people kept sending me all sorts of crap and the novelty started to wear off.

    I warned people that if they wanted to get in touch with me to e-mail me 'cause at that point I was only checking my Facebook about once a week (God forbid someone should pick up a phone and call me).

    After missing one too many events because the invitation was sent to Facebook instead of my e-mail, I got fed up with the whole thing and deleted my account.

    Although I enjoy the way it lets you keep in touch with people, to me Facebook was nothing but a big time sink.