Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Alma Tadema

As promised to Ticking Stripes - here is the very picture that I carried upstairs for my wealthy American friend. I think (now I recall) that he sold it a few years ago, as part of a divorce settlement, but I'm not sure.

It is HUGE - I think the figures are life-sized.


  1. The problem with Alma Tadema, is that he was such a bloody good painter. I just wish he hadn't been, then my dislike would be more understandable.

  2. You can just tell from that woman's facial expression that she blogs, can't you? Sort of benignly condescending. I guess all those other people are her followers.

  3. I've actually read a blog from the wall of the Great Pyramid, Mise. It said something like: "Garlic - 4000 bulbs. Bread - 2000 loaves. Onions - 1000...." etc, etc,

    I know what you mean, Cro - but the best put-down you can administer has to include the words 'Illustrative', or 'Literal'.

  4. Powerful stuff, although it has that air of Norman Rockwell painting. Yes, I know it's weird but that's what I see in the choice of colors and the expressions of the characters.

  5. I sort of agree with you, Ralfast, but Rockwell always seems to include a sort of harmless, folksy humour in his stuff which A.T. never did, as far as I know.

    When I look at the men in this picture, I think of the Hare Krishna lot - all they need is orange robes.