Friday, 26 February 2010

Friday Night Drinks...

Just look at this set of early Eighteenth Century 'Toasting Glasses' - unearthed in Holland, and sold at Christie's for about 3,500 euros. Those stems are about 5 mm thick, and - some say - designed to be snapped between finger and thumb when the toast to the lady of the house had been drunk. All the more astounding that they have survived for not far short of 300 years.

Wouldn't they look GREAT on my dining table??? I want them!!! (pretty please?)


  1. those are stunning! I can't believe they aren't broken.

  2. they are so delicate and pretty, I want them too!

  3. Yes... yes... Sadly, they appear to be 'crizelled', which means that the poor mix of the glass has suffered badly whilst stored on a damp, Amsterdam cellar.

    I have owned late 17th century glasses which were crizelled, and I really did not mind. Crizzeling produces a sort of crazed effect on the walls of the glasses - rather similar to the crazed effect that the desire for these glasses has on the potential buyer.

    Many a food and utility bill has been squandered by a glass addict on such beautiful things as these. I would have kept Anne Frank in the basement, and left the loft for the glasses (of course I don't mean that - don't be so silly - how dare you think that I would make such a bad taste joke?)