Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Derby Peregrine Falcons

Last year, me and Her Indoors became obsessed with watching a pair of Peregrines nest on Derby Cathedral, sometimes going to look at them at 3.00 am in the morning, via the local museum's wonderful webcam over their nest. Well, now THEY'RE BACK.

Have a look, I bet you will be addicted within minutes, especially after the chicks leave the eggs. Remember, this is a live webcam which is refreshed every 15 seconds or so, so what you see is what is happening, even if you are the other side of the world. Even at night, they have an infra red camera on them, so you miss nothing. Right now, they are sitting on 4 eggs.

Take a look by clicking HERE, and I reckon you'll be as hooked as Amy is with her little chick.


  1. There are four eggs right now - last year there were four, but 2 chicks were killed soon after leaving the nest - sad but not uncommon. One flew into a glass wall.

    Just wait until they hatch - it's wonderful - and the parents bring back all sorts of rare birds for them to eat...

  2. Fun. They're really high up there aren't they?

    I had some birds nesting on the front porch last year, finches. A stray cat came along and as you can guess, knocked a few out. I had to crawl under the front of the house to get the few that were loose, and then placed them back in the nest. The parents were a little freaked out for a few hours, but luckily came back and all was well. It was fun watching them grow. I could see it when they were ready to fly, because they were jumping around in there constantly. Then one morning, I looked out and they were all gone. I saw them later up in the trees having fun. One pretty red guy and tan girl tried to nest a few weeks ago, but their one and only egg fell out and thy haven't been back : (

    They do like it when I play piano though. I can always hear them singing out there when I start up. In fact, that's how I go the parents to come back to the nest last year. I started to play and when I looked out, it was a happy family again.

  3. Tom, on the principal that we should all have CHOICE, I might post the Brighton version as well!

  4. Yes - those Perries are on the upper reaches of the cathedral. If I played piano here in Bath, I might sort out the gull problem we have.

  5. I have just posted a fabulous night-shot of your peregrine, Cro, just to allow for CHOICE.